Healthier You

Adhera solutions are designed to support people with chronic conditions to improve their health with behavioral change and lifestyle modification.


Designed for People with Chronic Conditions

Adherance for better health

Adhera Health supports people with chronic conditions towards healthier physical and mental well-being.  

Our solutions are designed to support patients to achieve long-lasting behavioral change through tailored education and support, so patients are encouraged to adhere to a healthier lifestyle and medical recommendations.

One size doesn’t fit all – the need for precision therapeutics.

Everyone is unique. That is why the Adhera Platform is built with data-driven personalization that combines Artificial Intelligence and evidence-based behavioral change techniques. This provides a unique, tailored digital therapeutics experience.

Human-Touch Digital Therapeutics

Our platform is built on the principles of patient centricity, which means that our solution is designed to ensure the inclusion of human factors in healthcare, including user preferences, usability, and cultural adaptation.  We are guided by the principles of participatory research to maximize the potential for patient engagement and motivation while promoting a meaningful partnership between patients and healthcare professionals.

One Unique And Simple User Experience

Adhera Health has built a simple and cohesive member experience across different solutions throughout the platform. Members have access to different solutions, which are integrated combining the best practices in usability and gamification. The personalization of the member experience is also based on real-world data from thousands of patients, providing a unique and tailored experience.

Adhera Platform Works for Healthcare Professionals

To support partnerships with patients towards improved health behaviors

The Adhera Platform enables the partnership between healthcare professionals and people with chronic conditions via the Adhera Collaboration module, which is designed with healthcare professionals to support patients in their daily life. Adhera Collaboration includes tools designed by data scientists and usability experts for monitoring and following the health of patients in an easy and intuitive way.

Personalized Solution For You

The Adhera platform features a unique solution for your needs.

Adhera Unique Principles

Our approach to Precision Digital Therapeutics™

We tailor the content to the patient. Through AI and advanced data analysis we can optimize the treatment to yield the most effective care to the patient with their specific needs.

People are unique, and they need different support in different parts of their lives. That is why our content is flexible, tailored and adapted.

We focus on creating a precise digital therapeutics experience where each patient gets access to the right support at the right time through the combination of AI, personal targeted support, and behavioral change tools.

Using behavioral science, our solution is able to harness the latest behavioral techniques to bring long-lasting sustainable lifestyle changes to patients. We take advantage of all the implicit and explicit user information gathered in our mobile app and integrate it into our validated behavioral change model to foster user engagement and optimize the recommendations given to induce an effective behavioral change.

Our platform relies on years of evidence in health behavioral science for lifestyle modification for people living with chronic conditions.

We engage with leading academic and clinical partners to validate our approach in digital therapeutics. Adhera platform is tested and proven and its scientific evidence has been published in multiple publications, addressing patient validated user experience and clinical studies.

Our evidence and studies are conducted across the globe with clinical trials in different countries and different settings, and our proven concepts stem from relevant and specific clinical trials targeting the right populations in the right environments to showcase our platform capabilities.

Our approach to increased efficacy of treatment relies on lifestyle changes that ensure optimal results from prescribed protocols. With a multi-dimensional approach, we cover the most relevant elements to help patients achieve control of their conditions, including  sleeping,  medication adherence, exercise, mental well being, and others.