Real World Evidence Pathway at Adhera Health

Adhera Research Pathway

Based on three pillars

Patient Perspectives: Human Factors & Co-Design

Building the scientific foundation by understanding the pain points and strengths of patients. We use the principles of participatory research, involving patients and clinicians in our human factor studies. This also includes understanding the role of culture and family.

Usability and Feasibility Clinical Pilots

Adhera Health scientific team has years of experience conducting usability and clinical pilots in real world settings. These studies help us ensure our solutions are aligned with the real world.

Efficacy Clinical Pilots

We work with leading clinical organizations across the globe to ensure high quality clinical studies evaluating health outcomes and real-world evidence.

Adhera Health has produced Real World Evidence for healthcare providers in different regions around the world. These results have been illustrated in numerous publications of high quality peer-reviewed journals.

This real-world data backed the creation of AI-based behavioral change interventions with personalized features that have been successfully tested on patients across different chronic conditions.

The research backing the Adhera platform has already shown its efficacy for improving patients self-management and adherence to healthier lifestyles including:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Physical activity
  • Social engagement
  • Sleep quality
  • Healthy eating
  • Symptoms management
  • Medication adherance