Empowering Patients with Real World Evidence Precision Digital Therapeutics

We support people with chronic conditions to take charge of improving their own health & lifestyle.

The Adhera Approach

Supporting people with chronic conditions to enjoy a healthier life

Adhera supports people with chronic conditions to improve their physical and mental health through Precision Digital Therapeutics™.

Adhera solutions are designed to support people living with one or more chronic conditions.  We provide a tailored behavioral change platform, powered by evidence-based modules for stress relief, personalized health education and coaching. Our behavioral design focuses on improving adherence to lifestyle and treatment recommendations by enabling people to have proactive involvement in their own health.

Adhera’s personalization is focused on the person and not on the disease

Adhera’s data-driven personalization combines Artificial Intelligence and evidence-based behavioral change techniques to bring Precision Digital Therapeutics™ adapted to the unique and dynamic needs of people living with chronic conditions.

Adhera Health

Adhera Health supports key stakeholders to empower people with chronic conditions

For employers who care for their workforce

Adhera Health enhances the health of employees with chronic conditions, thus improving productivity and job satisfaction.

For health plans that need to tackle the growing cost of chronic conditions

Adhera Health reduces long term complications from chronic conditions by enabling lasting behavioral changes.

For value-based integrated healthcare providers

Adhera Health reinforces value-based healthcare providers by supporting their efforts towards increased patient activation and adherence to a healthier lifestyle and pharmacological treatments.

Why Adhera Health

Adhera Health provides a Precision Digital Therapeutics™ platform to support the patients’ needs throughout their healthcare journey.

Flexible Content

Patient Centric

Behavioral Change Focus

Real World Evidence

Holistic Approach